Tips to Pack up and move to a new Home

Moving to your new residence is quite a task. However if done step by step, this process becomes much smoother and you won’t get stressed. Before you even begin packing you should take following steps to organize this job.
Decide if you want to Do the Packing yourself

If your company wants to move you, usually they pay for packing and moving. If’ such is not the case then probably you have to do the packing yourself as you need to pay. Before deciding whether or not doing your packing yourself, you should get estimates from the moving company to know how much money you can save by packing yourself.

Clear Your House

Before beginning packing you should get rid of the things you are not taking with you to the new home. You should get two big boxes or bags. One box should be labeled “Give Away” and another one “Throw Away”.

Collecting Boxes

Moving companies like Sacramento packing supplies company generally provide a certain number of boxes included in their moving package, still you’ll need more boxes than they supply in their moving contract. You will have to either purchase extra boxes or find the boxes on your own. Some grocery stores keep the boxes out early morning and some stores like liquor shops do the same. The thrift stores have boxes for people who drop the donations so you can pick up boxes from there.

Packing Supplies Required


You will require some packing supplies such as a packing tape, colored markers, and old newspapers for wrapping fragile items like dishes.

Managing Tips

Begin packing as soon as you know you have to move. Keep record of all the items you are packing in a notebook. You should label all boxes using different colored markers to indicate where the items in that box should be located in the new house.