What Types of Houses Can Benefit From Wooden Exterior Doors .

Unless your idea of a dream home is a drab concrete box, or something designed to appear to be from the distant future, some attention should be paid to what kind of exterior style you wish to have in the home you are building or improving. There are many exterior door options to choose from, but like anything else, not every type will necessarily mix well with its surroundings. Wooden exterior doors are by far the most common, but there are still a huge variety of styles to choose from.

While fiberglass and even solid metal doors are on the market, they rarely go well with anything but modern or art deco styles. If a house is painted concrete, however, then a painted fiberglass door can serve as well as any other.

But even for concrete houses, a wooden style door adds a touch of hominess. Even a so called “mcmansion” lends itself to the addition of a traditional wooden exterior door. Wooden panel doors make excellent portals facing gardens or balconies, because they let in the light, scenery, and even make the room they are located in feel much larger than it actually is. Of course, in a house with a very small garden or a balcony facing a blank wall, installing may not be worth the cost.

Many exterior doors found on single family homes are just stronger versions of the flush doors, made of mass produced woodchip boards and filled with anything from sawdust to cardboard. However, even these relatively affordable exterior doors often come in models difficult for a non expert to tell apart from the much more expensive solid carved wooden doors they seek to emulate. The fact that they are covered in only a light paneling of wood finish makes them much lighter, greatly contributing to ease of installation and maintenance.

So therefore, unless you are living in something designed to look as if it was from the future, wooden exterior doors should definitely be considered for your home.